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At the request of higher profile clientele and those who prefer additional discretion we are offering private consultation. Our staff will take on your underlying wants and make it a reality. We offer private consultation by appointment. Throughout the process they'll apply their professional sensibilities in helping you decide what is best suited for you. You can book during our regular store hours, after hours or over the phone. Our staff are fully trained and knowledgeable in all facets of fashion and fetish. What is your interest? Leather, PVC, Latex, Xdressing, Boots, Shoes, Restraints, Percussion, Electro Play, Medical Play, Insertables, something more?

You can either contact our staff during regular hours by phone 1.877.972.1037 or 416.972.1037.  You can also contact them via e-mail.


  • ANNA
  • GINA
  • JACK
  • RYAN


    Northbound Leather Private Consultant Anna ANNA a.k.a. “Banana”, “Diva”

    A little bit about me:
    I have a positive attitude, bubbly, happy, energetic, and I love to laugh and make people laugh. As the wife of NBL's owner George, I have been at Northbound for 30+ years. Side by side with my wonderful husband, I'm known as the face of Northbound and the hostess of our events. I love to give people what they want, make them feel comfortable and help them make their fantasies come to life. I have fun with people, and it's nice to develop a connection with customers. I'll be real with you-- my goal is to make you feel happy and amazing.

    My favourite thing about working at Northbound Leather:
    I love when people get exactly what they were looking for-- I love seeing the glow in people's faces when they are ecstatic with the final results. And I love the smell of leather.
    Areas of Expertise:
    * Leather * Custom Orders! (getting creative with designs)
    * Corsets * Latex
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    Northbound Leather Private Consultant Gina GINA a.k.a. “Gee-Gee”

    A little bit about me:
    I have been with Northbound for 37 years and counting. I love to make people feel good about themselves. I like to think of my job as a way to better the quality of people's everyday lives. Privacy and honesty are extremely important to me.

    My favourite thing about working at Northbound Leather:
    I love the people I work with and dressing people up.
    Areas of Expertise:
    * Uniforms
    * Corsets
    * Extremely unique outfits and Elegance.
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    Northbound Leather Private Consultant Jack JACK

    A little bit about me:
    With almost 20 years of loyal service at Northbound, I am also easy going, friendly, non-judgmental and personable. I believe we are all unique individuals with various needs. Being able to assist customers in exploring those needs gives me pride in a job well done. I am very creative with a flare for style. If you consult with me, together we can develop your own personal style.

    My favourite thing about working at Northbound Leather:
    Dealing with and assisting our diverse clientele.
    Areas of Expertise:
    I don't consider myself an expert at anything; However, as far as Northbound and my years of experience, I have made it my mission to know something about all of our products.
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    Northbound Leather Private Consultant Ryan RYAN a.k.a Native Prince

    A little bit about me:
    As the newest member of Northbound Leather and my love for leather I strive to make every customer feel like a million bucks when they leave Northbound. I am a very outgoing and open minded person and I love hearing about peoples stories and adventures they may have had in the fetish community. I was proud to be the first title holder for Mr. Northbound Leather 2011, honoured to have won the Mr. Leather Toronto 2011 title and felt privileged to have represented my community and employer at the International Mr. Leather 2011 competition earlier this year where I placed 24th out of 53 contestants. I strive on making my customers laugh and enjoy their experience when they come into the store. Leather is my passion and being in the leather community here in Toronto I have found a home here at NORTHBOUND....

    My favourite thing about working at Northbound Leather:
    The hottest thing ever is I get to wear leather every day and work with amazing people both co-workers and clientele.
    Areas of Expertise:
    * Leather * Rubber/Latex
    * Genital/Electro Toys * Uniforms
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